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Published between 2000 and 2003, Robert Taylor’s Wings Of The Luftwaffe collection consisted of four limited editions featuring, and paying tribute to, the men and machines of the Luftwaffe during World War Two.  Edition sizes ranged between 500 and 750 plus Artist Proofs, remarques and Commemorative Proofs and all prints were signed by distinguished aircrew.

1. Combat Over The Reich

Me262s of JG  7 attack American B-17 bombers 60 miles south west of Dresden.

Signed by Buchner, Petermann, Reinert, Roell and Rudorffer - all Luftwaffe Aces who flew the Me262.

Edition of 750, 25 Artist Proofs, 25 Remarques.

Combat Over The Reich by Robert Taylor

2. Special Duties

Junkers Ju52 of Luftflotte 2, escorted by Me109s of JG 53, transporting military personnel over the Dolomites.

Signed by Kaiser, Seeger, Uhlig, Roell, Gerling and Schwarz.

Edition of 750, 25 Artist Proofs, 25 Remarques.

Special Duties by Robert Taylor

3. Voyage Into Destiny

Bismark leaving the coast of Norway escorted by Me109s of JG 77.

Signed by Dahmer, Scheufele and Peters.

Edition of 500, 10 Artist Proofs, 50 Commemorative proofs, 10 Commemorative Proof Remarques.

Voyage Into Destiny by Robert Taylor

4. Eagles On The Channel Front

Luftwaffe pilots of JG 26 debrief after returning from an encounter with RAF fighters over the Channel.

Signed by Marquardt, Naumann, Nippa, Schopfel and Seeger.

Edition of 500, 10 Artist Proofs, 75 Commemorative Proofs, 25 Remarques.

Eagles On The Channel Front by Robert Taylor

All images are Copyright Robert Taylor.

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