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Robert Taylor

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A very rare Limited Edition by Robert Taylor, signed by 15 Swordfish aircrew that took part in one of the most daring air attacks in history.

On November 11, 1940 a group of 21 slow, outdated Swordfish biplanes of the Fleet Air Arm attacked and crippled the Italian Fleet in the heavily defended port of Taranto in one of the most daring raids of World War II. Robert Taylor’s dramatic interpretation of this historic raid was issued as a limited edition print in 1985 with the signatories of Charles Lamb and David Janvrin. A little while later Robert Taylor’s publisher, The Military Gallery, arranged to have just 20 of these prints signed by 13 other aircrew from this historic action.

Swordfish Attack at Taranto is signed by:
Charles Lamb
David Janvrin
plus 13 other aircrew who took part in the Taranto attack.

Swordfish Attack at Taranto by Robert Taylor

Limited Edition of 20.   Overall print size 24 x 20 inches.

We are selling this print on behalf of one of our collectors. It is in mint condition, never framed and with the original certificate.

Please note: due to shipping insurance limitations we can only send this print to a UK address.


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