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Coming in Over the Estuary

Robert Taylor

Size: 34" x 25"
Edition: 1250
Subject: P38s over Bosham.

In Robert Taylor's panoramic painting, P-38J Lightnings of the 364th Fighter Group return from a strafing mission over France in the summer of 1944.  Making their land-fall at just 100 feet, they skim across an estuary on England's south coast, near the old village of Bosham.  With his unmistakable skill and vivid imagination Robert cleverly contrasts the exhilaration of the low-level combat flying, with the peaceful atmosphere of a quiet coastal setting, emphasising that curious blend of war and peace that was the daily lifestyle of the World War II flyer.  This classic aviation painting provides collectors with a wonderful study of a memorable warbird.

Each print in Robert Taylor's Limited Edition, Coming In Over The Estuary, is signed by 5 Aces who flew the P-38 in combat in Europe:
Colonel Darrell G. Welch
Major Newell O. Roberts
Lieutenant Colonel Frank D. Hurlbut
Colonel Jack M. lfrey
Major Thomas E. Maloney.


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