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WW 2 RAF Bombers/Coastal


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Winter Homecoming

Robert Taylor

Size: 30" x 20"
Edition: 75 - Gliclee Studio Proof
Subject: Lancaster.

A new dawn reveals the straggler’s long awaited return as the damaged Lancaster struggles to keep airborne on the final leg of its long journey home. For over five years the young men of RAF Bomber Command fought a long, unceasing and always bitter struggle against the mighty war machine of Nazi Germany. Magnificently brave, they endured fearful odds frightening losses and some of the most terrifying flying conditions imaginable, yet they persevered unflinchingly. The extraordinary heroism of those men is reflected by the twenty-three Victoria Crosses awarded during that time. One aircraft above all others came to symbolize that gallantry: The Lancaster.

Produced and printed onto fine canvas under the direct supervision of the artist to match his original painting, and then mounted on to high-quality stretchers from the Military Gallery studio, each of these carefully crafted Giclée Studio Proofs is fully authorised and personally hand-signed by the artist Robert Taylor. Each canvas Giclée is stamped on the back, hand-numbered and issued with a Certificate of Authenticity.


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