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WW 2 RAF Bombers/Coastal


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Top Dog

Robert Taylor

Size: 22" x 21"
Edition: 500 - RAF Edition
Subject: Mosquito LR503.

Completing a record 213 operational sorties with Bomber Command's Pathfinder Force, Mosquito LR503 became one of the most successful aircraft in the Royal Air Force during World War II. It flew first with 109 Pathfinder Squadron, and then 105 Pathfinder Squadron, completing more combat missions than any other Allied aircraft.

When its ageing Blenheims were replaced by the Mosquito in the winter of 1941, Number 105 Squadron became the first RAF unit to be equipped with this remarkable new light bomber, its high speed and maneuverability making the twin engine aircraft ideal for surprise daylight attacks.

The Squadron made its mark with raids on the Gestapo Headquarters in Oslo in September 1942, the Burmeister and Wain diesel engine works at Copenhagen, and the main broadcasting station in Berlin - the first daylight raid on Berlin, memorably timed to coincide with a speech by Field Marshal Goering on 30 January 1943
With the introduction of Oboe and their Mosquitos wearing unfamiliar matt black paint, 105 and 109 Squadrons took their place among the first Pathfinder units, where they continued to operate with distinction until the end of the war. Among the Squadron's notable highlights was the ground marking of German coastal batteries which were attacked on the eve of the Normandy landings on 6 June 1944. Outstanding among the many decorations won by 105 Squadron aircrew was the Victoria Cross awarded to the Australian 'Hughie' Edwards, who led the raid on the docks at Bremen.

Robert Taylor has completed a fine evocative study of the Mosquito bomber with his painting TOP DOG showing Mk IX Mosquito LR503. Repainted in regulation camouflage wearing 105 Squadron code GB-F and still in its Pathfinder role, the Mosquito is pictured high over occupied Europe in early 1945. A moving depiction of an outstanding warplane.

Each print in Robert Taylor’s Limited Edition, Top Dog, is signed by:
Wing Commander Robert Bray
Squadron Leader T J 'Tommy'’ Broom DFC
Squadron Leader Ron Curtis DSO DFC
Flight Lieutenant Ray Harrington
Warrant Officer A E 'Bert' Winwood.


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