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Day Duties for the Night Workers

Robert Taylor

Overall Print Size: 20 x 14 inches
Edition: 200
Subject: Lancaster being prepared for a mission.

As the massive Lancaster looms majestically over them, the ever vigilant ground crew begin the task of preparing ‘their’ aircraft for the coming night’s operation. Checking, repairing and double-checking again, making sure that nothing goes wrong on the next trip, nothing that could endanger the lives of the crew who depend on them. It will be a race against time.

Each print in Robert Taylor's Limited Edition, Day Duties for the Night Workers, is signed by:

Flight Lieutenant BORIS BRESSLOFF DFC - PFF Navigator with 635 Squadron completing 53 ops on Lancasters.

Warrant Officer REG CLEAVER - Flight Engineer and co-pilot flying Halifaxes with 419 Squadron RCAF, shot down and taken PoW on his 17th op.

Flight Lieutenant ALAN PAYNE DFC - Bomb Aimer with 630 Squadron, he flew 29 ops on Lancasters.


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