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Bold, Recklesss and Supreme

Robert Taylor

Overall Print Size: 25 x 16 inches
Edition: 200
Subject: Hurricanes of 303 Squadron

In his moving and highly evocative tribute to the nearly 3000 young men from 14 nations who made up RAF Fighter Command during the Battle of Britain, Robert Taylor has chosen 303 Squadron - the highest scoring unit in 11 Group - to represent all the men of RAF Fighter Command who flew and fought in one of history’s most crucial and decisive battles.

Each print in Robert Taylor's Limited Edition, Bold, Recklesss and Supreme (Collectors Edition), is signed by the following Battle of Britain aircrew:
Air Commodore JOHN ELLACOMBE Hurricanes / 1 Squadron
Wing Commander TERENCE KANE Spitfires / 234 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant RICHARD JONES Spitfires / 64 Squadron
Group Captain BYRON DUCKENFIELD Hurricanes / 501 Squadron
Wing Commander ‘TIM’ ELKINGTON Hurricanes / 1 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant KEITH LAWRENCE Spitfires / 234 Squadron
Flying Officer KEN WILKINSON Spitfires / 611 Squadron
Squadron Leader TONY IVESON Spitfires / 616 Squadron
Wing Commander TREVOR GRAY Spitfires / 64 Squadron
Flight Lieutenant PETER HAIRS Hurricanes / 501 Squadron.


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