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Return to East Kirkby

Richard Taylor

Overall Print Size: 18 x 16 inches
Edition: 350
Subject: Lancasters from 630 and 57 Squadrons.

The air resonates to the unmistakable sound of Merlin engines as Lancasters from 630 and 57 Squadrons skim low over the Lincolnshire countryside whilst returning to their base at East Kirkby, in the summer of 1944. RAF East Kirkby was home to Lancasters of 630 and 57 Squadrons who often flew together on long-range bombing raids including attacks against Berlin and Hitler’s alpine home at Berchtesgaden. It is of great historical importance that every print has been personally signed by one of the last surviving veterans based at RAF East Kirkby during WWII.

Each print in Richard Taylor's limited edition, Return to East Kirkby, is signed by:
Flight Lieutenant ALAN PAYNE DFC - Joining the RAF in 1942, he trained in the UK and South Africa before completing 29 missions as a Bomb Aimer on Lancasters with 630 and 57 Squadrons. Based at RAF East Kirkby he took part in the Battle of Berlin from November 1943, culminating with a raid on Nuremberg at the end of March 1944. He then transferred to Transport Command where he completed a full tour as a Navigator on Halifaxes with 620 Squadron in Palestine supporting the 6th Airborne Division.


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