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Dawn Strike

Richard Taylor

Size: 27" x 20"
Edition: 450
Subject: Bf110s of 6/ZG1.

As the first rays of daylight spread their golden glow over the vast expanse of sky above the Russian Front, the menacing roar of heavily armed Bf 110s of 6./ZGI shake the cold air around them as they prepare for a dawn strike against enemy ground targets deep inside Russian territory. Above them, their Me109 escorts, alert for danger, constantly scan the distant skies for any enemy intruders that may be on the prowl and waiting for them.

It is high summer, 1942. On the ground the German summer offensive towards the Caucasus is now in full swing, and General Paulus with the 6th Army has begun the long advance that will eventually lead it to the gates of Stalingrad. The Luftwaffe is at full stretch, it too has a major part to play against stiffening Russian resistance.

Each print in Richard Taylor's Limited Edition, Dawn Strike, is signed by Luftwaffe veteran Me110 wireless operator Gefreiter Karl-Heinz Schoenemann.


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