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Coastal Patrol

Richard Taylor

Size: 31" x 21"
Edition: 400
Subject: Mk I Spitfires of 610 Squadron.

Easily visible on a clear day from the north coast of France, the White Cliffs of Dover became a symbolic landmark during the Battle of Britain.

One of the more memorable images from World War Two is that of Adolf Hitler gazing across the Channel at the great chalk cliffs soon after Germany's occupation of France. Flushed with success and surrounded by his henchmen, he stood on the northern shores of occupied France plotting his invasion of Britain. Knowing they must first destroy the Royal Air Force, Luftwaffe supremo Herman Goering had boastfully promised his fuhrer that this would take but a few short weeks.

The sheer numbers of Luftwaffe fighter and bomber squadrons massing across the Channel promised an onslaught of immense proportions. On the English side of the Channel, the RAF's Hurricane and Spitfire squadrons were preparing as best they could but, short of defensive fighters and experienced pilots urgently needed to fly them, Fighter Command knew that when battle commenced, they would be heavily outnumbered.

No. 610 Squadron, with a history going back to the First World War, now equipped with Spitfire Mk I's, had cut its teeth over the beaches of Dunkirk. Based at Biggin HilI, the squadron was active in the early fighting over the Channel in May 1940, and as the Battle of Britain developed into a full scale offensive, its pilots were engaging the enemy flying two, three, sometimes four sorties a day.

Coastal Patrol by the remarkably gifted young artist Richard Taylor, depicts Mk I Spitfires of 610 Squadron flying a defensive patrol low over the White Cliffs during the height of the Battle of Britain in August 1940. A superb painting that symbolises a crucial period in history.

Each print in Richard Taylor's Limited Edition, Coastal Patrol, is signed by:
Squadron Leader Percival H Beake DFC
Flight Lieutenant William J Corbin DFC
Flight Lieutenant Trevor Gray.


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