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Rare Prints

Nicolas Trudgian

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Night Hunters Of The Reich by Nicolas Trudgian 2

A rare secondary market print by Nicolas Trudgian featuring the Bf110G-4 of legendary Luftwaffe night fighter pilot Martin Drewes.

Bf110G-4 of 47-night victory pilot Oberleutnant Martin Drewes at dusk in March 1944, heading out to intercept in-bound British four-engined bombers over north west Germany. Equipped with the latest FuG220 and 218 radars, the experienced crew will lie in wait, carefully choose their prey, stalk and close for the kill. The deadly game of hide and seek is about to begin.

Night Hunters of the Reich - The Signatory

This print is signed by Knight’s Cross holder
Oberst Wolfgang Falck.

One of the leading Luftwaffe night fighter pilots, Wolgang Falck spent 2 years as Kommodore of elite night fighter unit NJG1. He later joined Luftwaffe Reich where he was responsible for the day and night fighter defence of the Reich. In 1944 he was made Fighter Leader in the Balkans.

Oberst Wolfgang Falck.

”Wolfgang Falck was not only one of the first who flew in 1939, but also was one of the greatest in terms of pioneering and innovations to the new art of night fighting. He was on of our best men” ....General Adolf Galland

Overall size   23” x 19”

This print is one of a small number remarqued by the artist.

Night Hunters of the Reich

Night Hunters of the Reich by Nicolas Trudgian

We are selling a copy of this print on behalf of one of our collectors. It is in mint condition - stored flat and dark by a serious collector - never framed. It comes with the original Certificate of Authenticity

Contact us for more information: sales@aviation-art-world.com
Reference: CD003

This print can be purchased using our Lay-Away scheme.

This print can be purchased as a matching numbered pair with Moonlight Hunter that was issued at the same time - a rare opportunity.

Moonlight Hunter and Night Hunters of the Reich remarqued prints purchased together


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