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Clash Over Remagen

Nicolas Trudgian

Size: 34" x 23"
Edition: 600
Subject: Me262s and Hawker Tempests in combat over Remagen.

A limited edition by Nicolas Trudgian featuring the Luftwaffe attack on the Bridge at Remagen, March 1945.
When the American Army reached the Rhine at Remagen on March 7, 1945, such was the speed of their advance, they arrived before the retreating Germans had time to blow the vital bridge.  The Americans seized the bridge intact.  Realising the threat to the German defences, the Luftwaffe were ordered into destroy the bridge at all costs. Desperate efforts were made to attack the bridge, and over the course of the following days the fighting became one of the legendary battles of the war.

Nicolas Trudgian's carefully researched painting becomes an important record of one of the fiercest battles of World War II.  Two RAF Tempests have flown right through the Luftwaffe formation of Me262 and Arado 234 jets bombers, the high speed aircraft missing each other by feet.  The concentration of the desperate attackers is broken momentarily, sufficiently so that their bombs miss the target - but more Luftwaffe aircraft can be seen streaming into attack!

Each print in Nicolas Trudgian's Limited Edition, Clash Over Remagen, is signed by three Luftwaffe Me262 bomber pilots who attacked the Bridge at Remagen:
Hauptmann Georg Csurusky
Oberfeldwebel Rony Lauer
Oberfeldwebel Hermann Wieczorek.


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