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Holding the Line

Nicolas Trudgian

Size: 33" x 24"
Edition: 600
Subject: Hurricane bringing down Dornier Do17Z.

Nine Dornier Co17Z bombers of 9th Staffel, KG76, detailed to attack the RAF airfield at Kenley were spotted as they approached the English coast, and Hurricanes were scrambled to intercept.  As the German bombers lined up to attack the airfield, Hurricanes of 111 Squadron came diving upon them.  Suddenly all hell broke loose.  Bombs rained down on the airfield, one Dornier was brought down and two more were finished off by the Hurricane pilots.  Now the chase was on to catch the others.

Nicolas Trudgian's action-packed painting depicts the scene as the surviving Dorniers reach the English coastline.  Only one of the nine Dorniers that set out will return to base on that 18th day of August, 1940.

Each print in Nicolas Trudgian's Limited Edition, Holding The Line, is signed by three leading Hurricane pilots who flew and fought the Battle of Britain:
Air Commodore John Ellacombie
Group Captain Alec Ingle
Group Captain John Peel.


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