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Robert Taylor

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A rare Robert Taylor Limited Edition carrying the original signatures of five
B-17 Medal of Honour holders.

Acclaimed as one of Robert Taylor's greatest paintings "Mission Completed" is quite breathtaking in its beauty and authority. A collectors' item by any standards, it is signed and numbered by the artist and countersigned by FIVE B-17 Medal of Honor Winners. Having survived a barrage of flak on the run-in to the target, this B-17 has taken a pounding from enemy fighters on the way home. With damage to elevators, stabilisers and ailerons, she is handling badly and has been losing height all the way back from Germany. Her crew have fought all the way to bring their ship home and they are exhausted. Robert Taylor's emotive study of the great B-17 Flying Fortress, will bring back many a memory. Set in the beautiful English countryside, the farm workers in the wheat field pause to gaze in wonder as the mighty warbird thunders overhead. Behind, another damaged B-17 will make it back  to base today. Another Mission Completed!

The print is authenticated with the original signatures of Col. William Lawley, Col. John Morgan, Lt. Col. Edward Michael, Lt. Col. Jay Zeamer and T/Sgt. Forrest Vosler - all five awarded the Medal of Honor for supreme courage when flying the B-17 Flying Fortress.

Overall size
33” x 25”

Mission Completed is signed by:
Col. William Lawley
Col. John Morgan
Lt. Col. Edward Michael
Lt. Col. Jay Zeamer
T/Sgt. Forrest Vosler


Mission Completed by Robert Taylor

Mint condition copy with certificate which is for sale on behalf of one of our collectors.
This particular print was purchased directly from ourselves by the current owner when it was first released in 1987. It has been stored ever since flat and dark with long term investment in mind. It is probably as close as you could get to ‘new condition’ for a print that is now 28 years old.

750 SOLD

Call us for more information: 0121 355 1333
Reference: SB0049

This print can be purchased using our Lay-Away scheme.


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