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Robert Taylor

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Mighty Eighth - Coming Home by Robert Taylor

A rare Robert Taylor print featuring the B-17 Flying Fortresses of the 8th USAAF.

One of a pair (the other being Mighty Eighth - Outward Bound) within Robert Taylor's Golden Anniversary Series, commemorating the 50th Anniversary of the American Air Forces in Europe.

From their first inauspicious raid on German airfields on 4th July, 1942, to their ultimate air supremacy over the skies of Europe in 1945, the men of the U.S Air Forces never wavered in their determination nor flinched from the frightening odds they faced.  The vindication of their policy of high altitude daylight precision bombing came with the ultimate victory of the Allied forces in 1945.

In three years of continual combat, the bomber crews of the USAAF overcame the worst odds.  They often flew in atrocious weather, they ran the gauntlet of the Luftwaffe fighter Aces, and they pressed on through all the flak that anti-aircraft gunners could throw up at them.  They paid the heavy price of war, but in so doing carved out a niche in history, and created a legend that will live so long as man takes to the skies.

To commemorate the 50th Anniversary of the arrival in Europe of the men and machines of the Mighty Eighth, Robert Taylor has paint two remarkable works of art.  Each, in a very special way evokes the heroic deeds of the immortal men who flew the awesome combat missions of World War 2, and each provides a perpetual tribute to the debt owed to these intrepid aviators.  In this the second in Robert Taylor's set, the valiant bombers of the Eighth Air Force are coming home.  Set in a majestic panorama of evening sunlight, a battle-weary bomber force approaches the coast of Belgium.  A B-17 Fortress sheds debris as it struggles to stay with the group, while three B-24 liberators have joined the formation for the North Sea crossing.  A lone P-51, low on fuel, flies close escort.

Mighty Eighth - Coming Home
The Signatories

This print is signed by 6 distinguished pilots who flew with the Mighty Eighth:
Major General Bob Landry
Colonel William Lawley
Colonel Edward Michael
Colonel Robert Morgan
Major Cliff Peterson
Colonel Albert Shower

Overall size
33” x 25”

Mighty Eighth - Outward Bound by Robert Taylor

We a selling a mint condition copy of this print on behalf of one of our collectors. It was purchased directly from ourselves at the time of issue in 1992 and has since been stored flat and dark with long term investment in mind. Comes with original Certificate of Authenticity.
445 SOLD

Call us for more information: 0121 355 1333
Reference: SB009

This print can be purchased using our Lay-Away scheme.


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