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Published between 1991 and 1993, Robert Taylor’s Masterworks Series consisted of six limited editions, each featuring leading combat aircraft from World War Two combined with powerful landscapes.  Edition sizes were all 1250, and all prints were signed by at least four distinguished aircrew.

1. Return Of The Belle

The famous B-17, Memphis Belle returns to her base at Bassingbourne.

Signed by Morgan,Verinis, Leighton, Hanson, Loch, Winchell, Nastal and Quinlan - all Belle aircrew.

Edition of 1250, 125 Artist Proofs.

Return of the Belle by Robert Taylor

2. Eagles Prey

MkVb Spitfires of No. 71 Eagle Squadron race low over a downed Me109, Northern France 1941

Signed by McColpin, Tilley, Blakeslee, Goodson and Coen - all distinguished Eagles.

Edition of 1250, 125 Artist Proofs.

Eagles Prey by Robert Taylor

3. Beach Head Strike Force

F4U Corsairs during the Allied landings on the Marshall Islands in 1944.

Signed by Delong, Hedrick, Segal, Swett and Walsh - all top scoring F4U pilots.

Edition of 1250, 125 Artist Proofs.

Beach Head Strike Force by Robert Taylor

4. Home At Dusk

P51 Mustangs return across the English coast, Christmas 1944.

Signed by Anderson, Brooks, Goebel, Goodson, Green and Mahurin - all top scoring P51 pilots.

Edition of 1250, 125 Artist Proofs, 50 Publisher Proofs.

Home At Dusk by Robert Taylor

5. Aces On The Western Front

Me109s pass Mont St. Michel as they return to their base in Northern France.

Signed by Galland, Trautloft, Hrabak and Ihlefeld - all Western Front fighter Aces.

Edition of 1250, 125 Artist Proofs, 50 Publishers Proofs.

Aces On The Western Front by Robert Taylor

6. Winters Welcome

B-17 on final approach returning to her base in East Anglia, England.

Signed by Brown, Burns, Lawley and Mumford - all distinguished B-17 aircrew.

Edition of 1250, 125 Artist Proofs, 50 Publisher Proofs.

Winters Welcome by Robert Taylor

All images are Copyright Robert Taylor.

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