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Robert Taylor

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Malta - George Cross by Robert Taylor

A rare Robert Taylor edition multi-signed by many RAF veterans plus the Companion Print HMS Illustrious also muti-signed.

Pilot Officer John Bisley of 126 Squadron in combat with Me 109s from JG-53 during one of the intense aerial air battles over Valetta in April 1942. Between the summer of 1940 and the end of 1942, Malta became one of the most bombed places on earth. The RAF’s desperate fight to retain control of the diminutive Mediterranean island, and the defiant courage of the people of Malta, is one of the epic stories of World War Two.

Malta - George Cross by Robert Taylor - 2
Malta - George Cross by Robert Taylor - 3

Malta - George Cross - The Signatories
Flight Lieutenant Ken Evens DFC
 Flight Lieutenant Ian Maclennan DFM
 Flight Lieutenant Colin Parkinson DFC
 Flight Lieutenant Jack Rae DFC*
 Squadron Leader Arthur Roscoe DFC
 Flight Lieutenant Allan Scott DFM
 Flight Sergeant Len Stillwell - 92 Squadron
Squadron Leader Geoffrey Wellum DFC
Warrant Officer Harrold Bennett 603 Sqn
John Milne L.A.C. 19 Sqn
Warrent Officer Tom (Paddy) O’Reilly 274, 229, 122, 603 Sqns
Ron Lee 603 Sqn 1940-45 Armoury
Squadron Leader Basil Stapleton DFC - 603 Sqn at Hornchurch during the Battle of Britain - then 257 Sqn, finally 247 Sqn flying Typhoons.
Squadron Leader Neville Duke, DSO, OBE, DFC*, AFC, CzMC - 92, 112 and 145 Sqns - top scoring Allied Ace in the Mediterranean with 28 victories.
Wing Commander Terence Kane - 234 Sqn and POW.
Wing Commander Ken Mackenzie - Battle of Britain on Hurricanes with 43 and 501 Sqns then later night fighter Hurricanes with 247 Sqn.
Group Captain Billy Drake DSO DFC*
Group Captain Tom Dalton Morgan DSO, DFC*, OBE.

There are 16 further signatures on this print giving a total of 34 - we have not yet researched them all to provide a definitive list. In the meantime if you would like a large size, high resolution photo of the signature area then just contact and we will email it to you.

HMS Illustrious by Robert Taylor

HMS Illustrious
Companion Print
Featuring the Royal Navy carrier HMS Illustrious in Grand Harbour, Malta.

HMS Illustrious by Robert Taylor - sigs 2

HMS Illustrious - The Signatories

Group Captain Billy Drake DSO DFC*
 Commander Mike Crosley DSC* Royal Navy
 Lieutenant Commander Peter Twiss OBE DSC Royal Navy
Wing Commander Tom Neil DFC* AFC – Battle of Britain on Hurricanes with 249 Sqn.
Squadron Leader Harry Moon - 249 Sqn Hurricanes (launched from Ark Royal, Battle for Malta), then 126 Squadron Middle East.
plus 2 further signatures giving a total of 7.

We are selling this print set on behalf of one of our collectors. These examples have had extra signatures added many years ago at veteran events. The condition of the prints are overall very good. They have the usual evidence of handling in the border areas that is common with prints that had extra signatures added at signing events, particularly in the top border area. The main print has a couple of handling kinks in the image area that are visible when the print is held at a certain angle but overall nothing that would be noticeable when framed. The companion print has only very light evidence of handling around its border area. The prints have never been framed and have been stored flat and dark giving a main image area that is excellent with strong colours - properly framed these prints would be a very impressive addition to any collection.

This is an excellent opportunity for collectors to acquire a unique piece of aviation history.

Overall size 33” x 24”
Companion print 20” x 16.5”

Malta - George Cross by Robert Taylor with Companion Print HMS Illustrious

Malta Edition of 250 - matching numbered set.


Call us for more information: 0121 355 1333
Reference: VC015

This print can be purchased using our Lay-Away scheme.

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