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Published between 1999 and 2000, Nicolas Trudgian’s Air Combat Legends Series featured four great Luftwaffe Aces of World War II and their legendary aircraft.  The prints were all presented as below i.e. in a double matte containing the original signatures of the pilot and artist, in addition to a reproduction of a pencil sketch portrait of the Ace.

Jet Interceptors
signed by
Oberst Herbert Ihlfeld

Jet Interceptors by Nicolas Trudgian

Herbert Ihlefeld’s He162 ‘White 23’ on patrol over southern Germany, 1945.

Edition size was 250 with 25 Artist Proofs and an Original Drawing edition also of 25.

Black Devil
signed by
Colonel Erich Hartmann

Black Devil by Nicolas Trudgian

Erich Hartmann’s Me109 G-14 ‘Black Devil scrambling out of an air base in Hungary, October 1944.

Jet Strike
signed by
General Adolf Galland

Winter Combat
signed by
Generalleutnant Hannes Trautloft

Jet Strike by Nicolas Trudgian Winter Combat by Nicolas Trudgian

Adolf Galland’s Me262 of JV44 climbing to intercept a formation of B-17s, April 1945.

Hannes Trautloft’s Fw190 bringing down a Russian Petlyakov Pe-2 on the Eastern Front, 1943.

All images are copyright Nicolas Trudgian.

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