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Between 1997 and 1999, Robert Taylor’s publishers released three limited editions paying tribute to the World’s highest scoring fighter Ace ever, Colonel Erich Hartmann.  Robert Taylor and Erich Hartmann agreed three scenarios from his illustrious career to be recreated as oil paintings.  These were completed in the early 1990s and limited edition prints produced.  The prints were signed by Hartmann and fellow high scoring Luftwaffe Aces.   By prior agreement with Erich Hartmann the prints were not released until after he passed away in 1993, part of the sale proceeds being donated to his widow.

1. Sting Of The Black Tulip
Hartmann leads JG 52 into combat over the Eastern Front.

Edition of 850, numbers 491-850, plus 20 APs signed by Hartmann.
Print numbers 141-490 (1200 Victory Edition), plus 20 APs signed also by Dickfeld, Duttmann, Rall, Schade and Wolfrum - with 1276 victories between them.
Print numbers 1-140 (1500 Victory Edition), plus 10 APS also signed by Grislawski and Rossmann - a grand total of 1502 victories.

Sting Of The Black Tulip by Robert Taylor
Eagles At Dawn by Robert Taylor

2. Eagles At Dawn
Hartmann’s Me109Gs of JG 53 scramble from a snow covered airfield in Hungary.

Edition of 850, numbers 491-850, plus 20 APs signed by Hartmann.
Print numbers 1-490 (The Comrades Edition), plus 30 APs signed also by Bennemann, Ewald, Heckes, Hohenberg, Schelker, Seeger and Woidich - all pilots with JG 52 or JG 53.

3. Birth Of A Legend
Hartmann crash landing his Me109 just after scoring his first victory, November 5th 1942.

Edition of 850, numbers 491-850, plus 20 APs signed by Hartmann and Rall.
Print numbers 1-490 (The Knights Cross Edition), plus 30 APs signed also by Rudorffer, Reinert, Grislawski, Rossmann, Broch, Petermann and Buchner - all holders of the Knight’s Cross.

Birth Of A Legend by Robert Taylor

All images are Copyright Robert Taylor.

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