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During the 1991 Gulf War, Operation Desert Storm, Michael Rondot undertook many dangerous missions over Iraq and Kuwait flying Jaguars with No 6 Squadron, RAF.  Drawing on this first hand experience Michael subsequently produced a series of eight limited editions featuring combat aircraft from this conflict.  This unique authority is complemented by an amazing number of pilot signatures, a total of 114 across all eight releases. These prints should be an essential part of any serious aviation art collection.

1. The Longest Minute

RAF Jaguars in action over Kuwait.

Signed by all 22 Jaguar pilots who flew combat missions during Operation Desert Storm.

Edition of 500, 50 Artist Proofs.

The Longest Minute by Michael Rondot

2. Mutual Support

RF-4C Phantoms of 192 TRS Nevada Air National Guard.

Signed by 8 RF-4C Phantom aircrew who flew combat missions during the Gulf War.

Edition of 500, 50 Artist Proofs.

Mutual Support by Michael Rondot

3. Coup De Grace

RAF Jaguars locate and destroy an Iraqi landing ship.

Signed by both Jaguar pilots that took part in the attack.

Edition of 500, 50 Artist Proofs.

Coup De Gras by Michael Rondot

4. Desert Cats

Jaguars from RAF Coltishall carrying full warloads..

Signed by 25 pilots who flew on Operations Granby, Desert Storm and Warden.

Edition of 500, 50 Artist Proofs.

Desert Cats by Michael Rondot

5. In The Air Tonight

Tornado GR.1 taking off on a low level night mission.

Signed by 19 Tornado aircrew who took part in Operation Desert Storm.

Edition of 500, 50 Artist Proofs.

In The Air Tonight by Michael Rondot

6. Hornet The Hunter

CF-18A Hornets in action over the Arabian Gulf.

Signed by 14 operational F-18 Hornet pilots.

Edition of 500, 50 Artist Proofs.

Hornet The Hunter by Michael Rondot

7. Black Jet

F-117A Stealth fighter landing at a base in the Gulf.

Signed by 20 operational F-117A pilots from the 49th Fighter Wing serving in the Gulf.

Edition of 500, 50 Artist Proofs.

Black Jet by Michael Rondot

8. Desert Scorpions

Resupply mission involving 12 Squadrom Royal Corps of Transport.

Signed by 4 distinguished commanders from Operation Desert Storm including Sir Peter De La Billiere.

Edition of 350, 50 Artist Proofs.

Desert Scorpions by Michael Rondot

All images are Copyright Michael Rondot.

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