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Buccaneer Strike Force

Philip West

Size: 28" x 20"
Edition: 400
Subject: Blackburn Buccaneer.

The Blackburn Buccaneer first entered service with the Royal Navy in July 1962. Designed specifically to operate from the Royal Navy's aircraft carriers, with the ability to fly low and fast, the Buccaneer was also able to carry nuclear weapons for use against Soviet naval targets.

Capable of flying 646 mph at 200 feet the Buccaneer was a formidable low-level strike aircraft that quickly attracted admirers. Amongst them was the RAF and the South African Air Force, both of whom adopted the Blackburn Buccaneer for their land based operations. Just as the Buccaneer was facing retirement it was called into action again to play a vital role in Kuwait and Iraq during the 1991 Gulf War.

Buccaneer Strike Force truly captures the amazing speed and graceful lines of this remarkable aircraft

Each print in Philip West’s Limited Edition, Buccaneer Strike Force is signed by 11 former Blackburn Buccaneer pilots and observers.


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