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Between 1996 and 1998, Robert Taylor’s publishers released three limited editions paying tribute to the Luftwaffe’s mercurial fighter and leader General Adolf Galland.  In close collaboration with the artist, Galland selected three of his most enduring memories of a distinguished career to be recreated as oil paintings.  These were completed in the early 1990s and limited edition prints produced.  The prints were signed by Galland and other distinguished World War II veterans.   By prior agreement with Adolf Galland the prints were not released until after he passed away in 1996, part of the sale proceeds being donated to his widow.

1. Channel Dash

Galland was given personal responsibility for air cover for the daring Operation Cerberus.

Signed by Galland, Schopfel, Paul, Glunz and Schneider - all involved with the mission.

Edition of 1000, 100 Artist Proofs.

Channel Dash by Robert Taylor
Fighter General by Robert Taylor

2. Fighter General

Galland leads Me262s of JV 44 back to their base at Munich-Riem, having intercepted Allied bombers.

Signed by Galland, Bob, Fahrmann and Krupinski - all pilots with JV 44.

Edition of 1000, 100 Artist Proofs.

3. Most Memorable Day

Galland, while with JG 26, intercepts Blenheims over Northern France - he was shot down twice on this day.

Signed by Galland, Naumann, Schopfel and Stamberger.

Edition of 1000, 100 Artist Proofs.

Most Memorable Day by Robert Taylor

All images are Copyright Robert Taylor.

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