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Rare Prints

Nicolas Trudgian

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Dawn Chorus by Nicolas Trudgian

A rare secondary market print by Nicolas Trudgian featuring P-38 Lightnings.

As dawn breaks over a sleepy English village, P38 Lightnings shatter the silence as they climb out from the local air base, en route to the D-Day beach heads, June 1944. A beautiful print packed with authentic detail - one of Nicolas Trudgian’s most sought after early releases.

Dawn Chorus - The Signatories

This print is signed by four distinguished World War II Fighter Aces

Colonel 'Hub' Zemke
Brigadier General Robin Olds
Colonel Arthur Jeffrey
Colonel Jack Ilfrey.

Overall size   36” x 24”

Dawn Chorus by Nicolas Trudgian

We are selling a copy of this print on behalf of one of our collectors. It has a few minor handling imperfections but overall is in excellent condition, having been stored flat and dark and never framed. It come with the original Certificate of Authenticity.


Contact us for more information: sales@aviation-art-world.com
Reference: CD008

This print can be purchased using our Lay-Away scheme.

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