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Published between 1993 and 1994, Nicolas Trudgian’s Classic Fighter Series payed tribute to the leading combat fighters of World War II.  Edition sizes varied between 1000 and 1250 and each was signed by at least three combat pilots who fought with distinction in the aircraft portrayed.

Many of these editions have sold out and are much sought after on the Secondary Market.

5. Winter Patrol

Winter Patrol  by Nicolas Trudgian

Signed by
Hrabak, Rall and Wolfrum

6. Tiger Fire

Tiger Fire by Nicolas Trudgian

Signed by
Hill, Older and Rossi

7. Day Of The Fighters

Day Of The Fighters by Nicolas Trudgian

Signed by
Glunz, Grislawski and Schopfel

8. Advance Into Europe

Advance Into Europe by Nicolas Trudgian

Signed by
Conger, Gabreski, Strait and Zemke

9. Tangmere Hurricanes

Tangmere Hurricanes by Nicolas Trudgian

Signed by
Beamont, Bird-Wilson, Page and Townsend

10. Scramble For The Marianas

Scramble For The Marianas by Nicolas Trudgian

Signed by
Cornier, McWhorter, Smith, Vraciu

1. Jolly Rogers
Signed by
Blackburn, Cunningham, Hedrick and Killefer

Jolly Rogers by Nicolas Trudgian

2. Dawn Chorus
Signed by
Ilfrey, Jeffrey, Olds and Zemke

Dawn Chorus by Nicolas Trudgian

3. September Victory
Signed by
Deere, Kingcome, Leathart and Winskill

September Victory by Nicolas Trudgian

4. Mustangs Over The Mediterranean
Signed by
Brooks, Curtis, Goebel and Loving

Mustangs Over The Mediterranean by  Nicolas Trudgian

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