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A unique collection of Cameo sized prints, published as a set of eight limited editions, reuniting eight famous pilots with the classic aircraft they each flew in combat during World War II.  Prints are individually signed by pilot and artist, and numbered.

Designed to be collected either individually, in pairs, or as a complete set, they measure 16” x 14” overall and are ideal for framing and display.  Each print is a limited edition of 800 and contains a small oil sketch remarque of a related subject printed in the border.

Royal Australian and Royal New Zealand Air Forces

Combat Over New Guinea

Combat Over New Guinea by Nicolas Trudgian

Signed by
Wing Commander
R. C. ‘Dick’ Cresswell

Kiwi Strike

Kiwi Strike by Nicolas Trudgian

Signed by
Warrant Officer
Bryan Cox

United States Navy, and Army Air Forces

Invasion Force

Invasion Force by Nicolas Trudgian

Signed by
Sid Barwell

Black Cat Rescue

Black Cat Rescue by Nicolas Trudgian

Signed by
Lieutenant Commander
Nathan Gordon

All images are copyright Nicolas Trudgian.

Royal Canadian Air Force

Mynarski’s Lanc
Signed by
Warrant Officer
James Kelly

Mynarski's Lanc by Nicolas Trudgian

Signed by
Flight Lieutenant
Charles A. Krause

Trainbusters by Nicolas Trudgian

Royal Air Force

Combat Over Beachy Head
Signed by
Air Commodore
’Mickey’ Mount DFC DSO

Combat Over Beachy Head by Nicolas Trudgian

Squadron Scramble
Signed by
Group Captain
Frank Carey DFC DFM

Squadron Scramble

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