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Nicolas Trudgian

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Three Hundred Club by Nicolas Trudgian

A rare Nicolas Trudgian edition signed by three leading Luftwaffe Aces.

In paying tribute to Erich Hartmann and Gerhard Barkhorn, the only two fighter pilots ever to top the 300 victory mark, Nicolas Trudgian has painted a gripping combat scene being played out in the typically harsh environment where these two remarkable fighter aces achieved immortality.
Both "300 Club" members flew the majority of their combat missions with JG-52, the most successful fighter wing of WWII, where, on the Eastern Front they encountered and conquered every type of fighter including British built Spitfires and Hurricanes, the American Airacobra, and all the best Russian built fighters, including the Yak-9.
Nicolas Trudgian's stunning rendition brings to life the harsh reality of the air war on the Eastern Front in a scene from November 1944. Heading back from the Front, a German armoured column has come under attack from Russian LA 7' s as it files past a frozen Lake Balaton, in Hungary. Luftwaffe fighters from JG-52 have been called in, and the Me109's of Erich Hartman and Gerhard Barkhorn are seen engaging the attacking aircraft. Typical of this popular artist's style, the picture is filled with detail authentic to the period, and with prints signed by leading fighter aces, all of whom fought alongside Hartmann and Barkhorn in JG-52.

Three Hundred Club - The Signatories

Lieutenant Kurt Schade
General Gunther Rall
Lieutenant Walter Wolfrum

Overall size
37” x 24”

Three Hundred Club by Nicolas Trudgian

Mint condition copy with certificate which is for sale on behalf of one of our collectors.

Call us for more information: 0121 355 1333
Reference: SB033

This print can be purchased using our Lay-Away scheme.

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