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WW 2 Luftwaffe


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Gathering Storm

Robert Taylor

Size: 33" x 25"
Edition: 1250
Subject: FW190s.

A limited edition by Robert Taylor featuring the outstanding Focke-Wulf 190 fighter.

During the early part of 1943 the B-17s of the American Eighth Air Force were paying regular visits to the occupied ports on the West coast of France. It was here at Brest, St. Nazaire and Lorient that the U-Boats were serviced and made ready for their deadly trade in the Atlantic. The area was heavily defended by flak batteries, but it was the notorious fighter interceptors of JG-2 that the bomber crews feared most. Equipped with the outstanding and still comparatively new Focke-Wulf 190, the Luftwaffe pilots achieved startling successes against the still inexperienced USAAF units. As the Allied bomber offensive got properly under way in 1943 the Fw190 quickly established a fearsome reputation, and became the mainstay of the German defence.
This beautifully proportioned, aesthetically appealing single seat fighter immediately displayed the hallmarks of a thoroughbred, and within six months of its operational debut in 1941 was causing consternation amongst the RAF Fighter Squadrons based in Southern England. The Fw190 could out-perform the Spitfire in every manoeuvre except the turn, and could even leave the new MklX Spitfires standing in a half­roll and dive. It came close to perfection by the fighter aircraft standards of the day.
Robert Taylor’s spectacular painting highlights the elegant lethality that exuded from the Fw190, as a group of A-3 and A-4s climb out over Theville to intercept an in-coming armada of B-17 Fortresses enroute to bomb the submarine pens at Lorient. Pilots in their high visibility cockpits gun their massive BMW radial engines as they power upwards through the turbulent air. Within minutes drop tanks will be jettisoned and battle joined. Spoiling for a fight, they presented the B-17 crews with an awesome reception committee.

Each print in Robert Taylor's Limited Edition, Gathering Storm, is signed by the following Fw190 Aces having between them almost 2,500 combat missions and 393 aerial victories:
Major Heinz Lange
Major Fritz Losigkeit
Captain Gunther Schack
Lieutenant Hugo Broch.


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